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Theology on Tap – Thursday

for adults 21-40 years of age

Bundox Bocce at the Renaissance Hotel in Reno 5:00-8:00 pm

“The Lord of the Rings & Catholicism” TOT

Madeleine Dobrowski


Discover the Catholic themes at the heart of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the rich faith of the author behind them. This talk explores the themes of hope vs. despair and the Eucharist in the Lord of the Rings, drawing on Scripture and the story itself to show how Tolkien’s works were fundamentally and intentionally Catholic.


Session 1 10:30-11:45am


Fr. Peter Fonseca


In 2013, Vermont became the first state to legalize physician assisted suicide. Today, 11 states have legalized physician assisted suicide and several other states’ legislators, including Nevada, have debated legislation to bring this practice to their state. Yet simply because something is legal does not mean it is moral and the Church stands strong in her opposition to physician assisted suicide. This presentation will demonstrate the moral and ethical issues surrounding physician assisted suicide and prepare participants to defend against the common arguments made for the permissibility of physician assisted suicide.


Fr. Don Wolf


Blessed Father Stanley Rother of Oklahoma went to the Oklahoma sponsored mission of Santiago, Atitlan in 1968. He served there as a member of the pastoral team and then as pastor. He led his parish through the difficult tensions of Government-Church relations throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was murdered in his rectory in 1981. Fr. Rother was beatified in 2017.


I will explore the promise of Eucharistic transformation as was modeled by the priestly life of Fr. Rother and its promise in our lives. Our invitation is to be made into the likeness of Christ as we say ‘amen’ to the Eucharist we are offered. If we turn to Fr. Rother’s example, our invitation to transformation can become as complete as his.


Dr. William Keimig


“[Jesus] said to him the third time, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’” (John 21:17).  Imagine Jesus facing you, and speaking to you these words, with no distractions, no doubts of His reality, identity or knowledge. Imagine facing Him with no loss of memory on your part about your whole past, nothing less than your whole future to offer, no misinterpretation of the profoundness of the question, “Do you love me?” A breathtaking question. Conversion is about finding what you are seeking in the deepest part of yourself, and finding it superabundantly.  The result of true conversion is a rare combination: peace of soul and zeal of heart. This workshop explores how to support this work of the Holy Spirit, so that all catechesis is focused on conversion to Christ and to His Church, and continuing conversion becomes the norm for each Christian life.


Nick Wagner

The Mass is not just a celebration for ourselves, but it is also an invitation to be sent out into the world. “It really changes our understanding and experience of the Mass,” wrote Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, “to realize that it is all for the sake of our being sent….” Pope Francis characterizes the Church as a field-hospital and calls us to be missionary disciples who go out into the world to heal wounds. By embracing this mission, we become ministers of the field-hospital for faith, empowered by the Eucharist to bring healing and hope to those who are hurting. Join us to discover how to become a field-hospital minister, ready to go forth and save lives through the power of the gospel.

Session 2 1:15-2:30pm

FRI-201 Bible 101: A Crash Course in Scripture                                                               

Katie Patrizio


If you’ve ever found the Bible confusing or disjointed or just plain weird, this is

the talk for you. Using the theme of covenant Katie breaks the Bible down into six bite-sized

chunks that are understandable and easy to remember. Truly a crash course and consistently

one of Katie’s most popular talks, audiences walk away wowed by an inner logic in Scripture

that they had no idea existed.

FRI-202 MISSON REVEALED IN ADORATION                                                   

Allison Gingras


Allison Gingras shares the remarkable God-filled journey of adopting her daughter, who is profoundly Deaf, from China—an unexpected spark to mission revealed in her time before the Eucharist in Adoration. Gingras recognized without coming to Him, finding time to listen, and learning to trust in His infinite goodness—she may have never discerned God’s glorious plan for her family. In fact, God tells us He has a plan for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11); uncover how Adoration can play a significant role in discovering yours.  


Nick Wagner


In a synodal Church, listening is crucial to the process of evangelization. Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of listening, stating that it goes beyond simply hearing. As we go forth on our Eucharistic mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others, we must first listen to their stories, joys, hopes, fears, and wounds. By doing so, we can accompany seekers on a fruitful and conversion-centered journey that leads them to a committed Catholic life. Discover the five key questions that will engage and transform your catechumens and candidates in the initiation process, helping them seek the Living God and embrace the Catholic faith with joy and enthusiasm.


Father Chuck Durante and Michael Nizankiewicz


The St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVDPS) is a catholic lay ministry of 700,000+ Vincentians in nearly 150 countries. We currently have three conferences hosted by parishes in Carson City, Incline Village and Reno. SVDPS wants to expand to several parishes throughout the Diocese of Reno. Vincentians focus on individual spiritual growth while fostering Christian fellowship. Our discipleship mission is fulfilled by person-to-person interaction with our Neighbors in Need.

The purpose of this session is to introduce attendees to the St. Vincent de Paul Society and to explain how easy it is to form this ministry at your parish. The benefits of having an active SVDPS Conference in your parish community will be discussed, and the initial steps needed to start up a new SVDPS will be presented. This session is recommended for religious leaders and lay Catholics who desire to put their FAITH in the Eucharist into ACTION.

Session 3 2:45-4:00pm


Madeleine Dobrowski


While many know J.R.R. Tolkien as the author of a popular fantasy story, not many realize that he was also a devoted Catholic. Tolkien believed in the power of stories to draw us towards Christ and as such, he injected his own tales with Catholic beliefs. This talk explores the Eucharistic themes present in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, culminating in a relevant message of hope and joy for the modern world.


Michael and Alicia Hernon

The grace to be a mother or father comes from the Sacrament of Marriage. Realizing this is

the first step to become an effective parent. When parents strengthen their marriage they

are able to love their children more effectively and create a community of faith and love

within the home. In this session, Mike and Alicia remind couples of the beauty of marriage,

give practical ways to renew the well and demonstrate the effect marriage has on the

culture within the family.


Fr. Peter Fonseca


In the 2022 landmark decision Dobbs v Women’s Health Organization, the US Supreme Court eliminated the federal constitutional right to abortion. Now we need to begin the work of building a post-Roe America where we support every woman so she can bring her child into this world in love. This presentation will lay out a clear argument for the right to life for the unborn, address the rise in popularity of the RU486 abortion pill and recent successes in abortion pill reversal, while also introducing participants to Walking with Moms in Need and other ways to assist women facing crisis pregnancies.


Dr. William Keimig


When shared formally or informally in the power of the Holy Spirit, the kerygma changes lives and grows leaders from disciples. How do we effectively, in measurable ways, grow leaders into the Church’s discipleship vision, centered upon the Eucharist?  This workshop will present a proven and deeply impactful approach to ministry formation via the amazing, international work of the Catechetical Institute and its new partnership with the Diocese of Reno.

Welcome Event 6:00pm

Bilingual Keynotes
7:00 PM Doors open

God with Us—Living Our Lives as Gift

Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford


Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford share how to live life with meaning and purpose, with the Eucharist at the center. Through friendship, authentic community, prayer, and encounter, we can see our lives as God sees them, in light of the mission the Lord has eternally destined for us.

El camino hacia y desde Emaús: Escritura, Eucaristía y Misión                 

Fr. Pablo Gadenz


Tomando como guía el pasaje del Evangelio de Lucas de los dos discípulos en el camino a Emaús (Lc 24,13-35), esta presentación es una invitación a un renovado encuentro con Jesús a través de la Escritura y de la Eucaristía, un encuentro que nos lleva a un renovado sentido de misión. Reflexionaremos sobre los pasos prácticos para orar con la Palabra de Dios (lectio divina), aprenderemos lo que el Evangelio de Lucas nos enseña sobre la Eucaristía y nos animaremos a pesar de los obstáculos a ser testigos de Jesús.


Saturday Session 1 9:30-10:45am

SAT-101 Basic Principles for Healing the Culture                    

Laura Kolbe


Our culture today believes that destructive practices like abortion and euthanasia are permissible solutions to human suffering. However, basic principles of happiness, logic, ethics, and human rights urge us to respond to suffering with love and vision for human dignity and flourishing. This workshop will equip you with tools to have rational and productive conversations about the value of human life and how we can heal a culture in distress.

SAT-102 Encountering Signs of Faith                  

Allison Gingras


The grace of God animates us to do what is good, right, and holy. Without grace, we cannot accomplish the good work God has begun in us. We need grace like we need air, and without it, there is no spiritual life within us. But where do we tap into this necessary well-spring? Discover the power and beauty within the sacramentals, devotions of the Catholic faith, and the gift of saintly intercession.


Nick Wagner


As Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg writes in his study guide, Meaning of Mass, “We don’t make the liturgy; the liturgy makes us.” The Rite (Order) of Christian Initiation of Adults provides a powerful liturgical journey that can transform seekers into missionary disciples. Join us as we explore the six fundamental principles that underpin the entire catechumenate process, guiding seekers on their journey of faith. By applying these principles, you can confidently accompany your seekers as they embrace the Catholic faith and become disciples of Christ, empowered by the liturgy to go forth and spread the Gospel message.


Michael and Alicia Hernon


The deepest desire of many Catholic parents is to pass on the faith to their children, but,

according to many statistics, upwards of two-thirds of young people are leaving the faith.

It’s obvious that parents are facing an uphill battle and they must be intentional about the

evangelization of their children. But what is the secret formula for success? What does it

look like to be an evangelizing parent? In this talk Mike and Alicia will share some

perspective and encouragement on parent’s primary responsibility, to be the spiritual

leaders in their home.

SAT-105 VOCATIONS                                       

Diocese of Reno Vocation Office 

SAT-106 Eucharist Matters                                

Diana Macalintal


If you’ve ever wondered why we do what we do at Mass, you’re not alone. All the rituals, words, gestures, and symbols can get a bit mysterious. But understanding why the Mass and everything we do in it matters is essential if the Eucharist will matter at all to the world. Explore together why the Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life and how the Eucharist works to change us and the entire world into a clearer image of Christ.

SAT-107a Convertirse en Personas Eucarísticas: La Esperanza de la Vida Parroquial – 9:30-10:45am

Katherine Angulo



Basados en el trabajo del Programa del Obispo D’Arcy para la Renovación Sacerdotal en la Eucaristía y en el libro del Dr. Timothy O’Malley llamado Convertirse en Personas Eucarísticas: La Esperanza y la Promesa de la Vida Parroquial, vamos a aceptar la invitación a redescubrir cómo esta Eucaristía La cultura puede mejorar nuestros ministerios, nuestras parroquias, nuestras familias y nuestra vida personal.

SAT-107b Cómo servir a la Iglesia de 2050  – 11:00am-12:15pm                      

Katherine Angulo

Durante esta sesión, vamos a analizar los cambios y dones que la comunidad hispana ha aportado a la misión e identidad de la iglesia católica en los Estados Unidos para prepararse para la iglesia del 2050.

English Keynote 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

The Road to and from Emmaus: Scripture, Eucharist, and Mission      

Fr. Pablo Gadenz – English


Using as a guide the passage from Luke’s Gospel of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), this presentation is an invitation to a renewed encounter with Jesus through Scripture and through the Eucharist, an encounter that leads us to a renewed sense of mission. We will consider some practical steps for praying with God’s Word (lectio divina), explore what Luke’s Gospel teaches us about the Eucharist, and be encouraged despite the obstacles to be witnesses to Jesus.

Session 2 1:15-2:30 pm

SAT-201  Bread for the Journey” – The Eucharistic Missionary Pilgrimage of Blessed Father Stanley Rother   

Fr. Don Wolf


Blessed Father Stanley Rother of Oklahoma went to the Oklahoma sponsored mission of Santiago, Atitlan in 1968. He served there as a member of the pastoral team and then as pastor. He led his parish through the difficult tensions of Government-Church relations throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was murdered in his rectory in 1981. Fr. Rother was beatified in 2017.



I will explore the promise of Eucharistic transformation as was modeled by the priestly life of Fr. Rother and its promise in our lives. Our invitation is to be made into the likeness of Christ as we say ‘amen’ to the Eucharist we are offered. If we turn to Fr. Rother’s example, our invitation to transformation can become as complete as his.

SAT-202 The Eucharist: Our Goal in College Ministry             

Joshua Snow


This talk will illustrate the power of leading college students to encounter Jesus Christ, fully present in the Eucharist. This encounter changes lives and sets faithful followers of Jesus on a path to become missionary disciples. It will draw from the speaker’s experience of working with college students, particularly at the University of Nevada, Reno.

SAT-203 Reconciliation stations

SAT-204 Bible 101: A CRASH COURSE IN SCRIPTURE (Parent Recommended) 

Katie Patrizio   


If you’ve ever found the Bible confusing or disjointed or just plain weird, this is

the talk for you. Using the theme of covenant Katie breaks the Bible down into six bite-sized

chunks that are understandable and easy to remember. Truly a crash course and consistently

one of Katie’s most popular talks, audiences walk away wowed by an inner logic in Scripture

that they had no idea existed.


Fr. Peter Fonseca


The number of young people who identify as transgender has nearly doubled in recent years and today about 1.4% of adolescents claim to be transgender. Our Catholic faith calls us to treat every human person with dignity and respect, acknowledging that God created man and woman in His own image. Since dignity and respect are rooted in truth, both charity and truth are fundamental parts of our human and societal development. This presentation will introduce the truth of the Church’s teaching on the human person and gender dysphoria and, applying Pope Francis’ theme of accompaniment, discuss ways to journey with our brothers and sisters struggling with gender identity issues.

SAT-206 Pasalubong: Filipino Gifts of Faith Given and Received             

Diana Macalintal


It’s hard to imagine the Catholic Church without Filipinos. In parishes and schools, diocesan offices, religious communities, and even the Vatican, Filipinos are there giving their gifts of joy, love for community, and passion for justice. Let us reflect on the unique gifts we share as Filipinos with the entire People of God and on the gifts, we have received from Jesus, the source of our faith, and together let us discern how we can make a return for the goodness God has done.

SAT-207 Vive la Cultura Eucarística y Recaptura la Alegría de tu Ministerio       

Katherine Angulo


Hemos experimentado cambios increíbles en los últimos años, pero no podemos ignorar la importancia de nuestro gozo al ofrecer el ministerio. Recordemos que durante la inauguración de la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud 2019 en Panamá, El Papa Francisco nos invitó como discípulos de Jesús a que vivamos verdaderamente la misericordia y la caridad en nuestro ministerio. Él dice, “[un amor] que no aplasta, es un amor que no margina, que no se calla, un amor que no humilla ni avasalla. Es el amor del Señor, un amor de todos los días, discreto y respetuoso, amor de libertad y para la libertad, amor que cura y que levanta. Es el amor del Señor que sabe más de levantadas que de caídas, de reconciliación que, de prohibición, de dar nueva oportunidad que, de condenar, de futuro que dé pasado”. Esta sesión invita a las/os participantes a recuperar la alegría de sus ministerios y a recibir ideas concretas de cómo vivir constantemente la cultura eucarística de misericordia y caridad en cada aspecto de nuestra vida.

SAT-208 TEEN ENCOUNTER – You Are Not Alone—Finding Meaning and Purpose as a Teen

Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford


In a social media age, we often find ourselves overwhelmingly connected, and yet lonely and confused, leading to much hurt and isolation in our relationships. Through a path of virtue, friendship, and prayer, Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford share how to find greater meaning, direction, and purpose in life, in a way that transforms our relationships and enables us to live them out with greater joy and confidence.

Session 3 3:00- 4:15pm

SAT-301 Supporting your Teens Faith – a Countercultural Challenge             

Matthew Schambari


Parenting teenagers has always been difficult, but supporting their faith development in the modern era has become an increasingly countercultural challenge. This session will explore tactics to help your teen in their faith life from the perspective of a twenty-plus-year Catholic high school educator, youth minister, and administrator. Through a mix of prayer, story, and practical advice, Matt will strive to provide you with tools for helping your teen continue to strive for all God knows they can be and not for what modern culture says they should be.

SAT-302 GROWING A FAMILY CULTURE                      

Michael and Alicia Hernon


Creating a Family Culture is a powerful way to influence our children in a way that goes

beyond our relationship with any one individual child. It is greater than just you or your

spouse. Family Culture is the unspoken system that binds your family together and

communicates your expectations, beliefs, and values more powerfully than any written

word. Mike and Alicia will share with couples the five elements of family culture and how

to make a plan to intentionally strengthen these elements in your home.


Allison Gingras


Schedules are packed, kids can be restless, and prayer feels personal — so why insist on family prayer? If we don’t model putting God first, who will? Coming together with the people you love for more than a meal and watching a movie is vital for the well-being of families. There is room, and a great need, in our lives for community and personal prayer; both shower us with innumerable blessings. This presentation will also include various ideas on how to incorporate prayer into family life.


Madeleine Dobrowski   

Description: Since Christ is the center and model of all aspects of human life, he should also be the model for our ministry efforts, whether they be in the classroom, youth group, parish work, or at home with our families. This talk explores three hallmarks of Eucharist-centered ministry and how to implement them into your own evangelistic efforts.

SAT-305 The Family as the Context of Catechesis: For parents & for those in the parish who serve them.          

Dr. William Keimig        



St. John Paul II tells us that, “Family catechesis . . . precedes, accompanies and enriches all other forms of catechesis” (Apostolic Exhortation “On Catechesis in Our Time,” Catechesi tradendae, CT, 68). These words challenge us to examine our thinking about how to pass on the Catholic faith within the parish or school we serve, and specifically to look at how to encourage the formation of the entire family.  In the Catechism of the Catholic Church we read, “The family is the community in which, from childhood, one can learn moral values, begin to honor God, and make good use of freedom” (2207). This workshop examines the primacy of the family in religious education and the importance of assisting families in their formation, so that together the parish or school community and families can work to bring about the well-formed and beautiful soul of each member.


Diana Macalintal


The Rite (Order) of Christian Initiation of Adults and its principles have shaped and strengthened the way we make missionary disciples. But catechumenal principles aren’t just for catechumens; they are for everyone who desires to deepen their commitment to Christ in the Church. We will look at six fundamental principles that embody the entire vision of the catechumenate process and how we can use these principles to help one another become even more intentional disciples.

SAT-307 EM-S “El Pan Para el Camino” – La Peregrinación Misionera Eucarística del Beato Padre Stanley Rother                                                                                        

Fr. Don Wolf

El Beato Padre Stanley Rother de Oklahoma fue a la misión de Santiago, Atitlán, patrocinada por Oklahoma, en 1968. Sirvió allí como miembro del equipo pastoral y luego como párroco. Dirigió a su parroquia durante las difíciles tensiones de las relaciones entre el gobierno y la iglesia a finales de los años setenta y principios de los ochenta. Fue asesinado en su rectoría en 1981. El padre Rother fue beatificado en el 2017.

Durante mi presentación, exploraré la promesa de la transformación eucarística tal como fue modelada por la vida sacerdotal del P. Rother y su promesa en nuestras vidas. Nuestra invitación es a ser hechos a la semejanza de Cristo cuando decimos ‘amén’ a la Eucaristía que se nos ofrece. Si vemos el ejemplo del Padre Rother, nuestra invitación a la transformación puede llegar a ser tan completa como la suya.

Closing Bilingual Liturgy with Bishop Mueggenborg 4:30 PM

Saturday Evening Concert 7pm                                                                                     

Aly Aleigha Band 


Music has the capacity to reach into the depths of our hearts and elevate us to something beyond ourselves. As worship leader, Aly Aleigha does just that, using her unique ability to draw people into fully experiencing the pilgrimage’s beautiful locations, transcending hearts, and minds to a meaningful encounter with God.

Along with her trusty folding guitar, Aly Aleigha is a seasoned worship musician for pilgrimages to the Holy Land with Jeff Cavins & Fr. Mike Schmitz. Aly’s mission with her music ministry is to convey deep-rooted truths of the human heart in profound and beautiful ways, to be a voice for those who have been left speechless by deep heartaches or by the greatest joys in life, to bind up the brokenhearted, comfort those who mourn, and bring hope to all (Isaiah 61:1-3).