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Adult Faith Formation


Diocesan Conference


Religious Education


Proclaiming Christ means showing that to believe in and follow him is not only something right and true, but also something beautiful, capable of filling life with new splendor and profound joy, even in the midst of difficulties.

- Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel

The Office of Faith Formation


is commissioned by the Bishop to
serve the Diocese of Reno. We
facilitate the mission of the Church
in all we do by proclaiming the
Gospel of Jesus Christ to all God’s
people by nurturing our Baptismal
call to unity, ministry, and holiness
through the light of instruction
and formation.


We Are Committed to

in pursuit of Christ’s mission: “Go, tell the Good News to all the world!”

for deeper understanding of the Catholic tradition, fostering growth in the spiritual life, and developing skills necessary for effective leadership in ministry.

through a continual and dedicated focus on Church teaching and Gospel values as a response to the everyday and lifelong needs of the People of God.

for pastors and staff as they minister to the multicultural church of Northern Nevada.


The Diocese of Reno recognizes that Adult Faith Formation must be a priority in order for the faithful to continually mature as Catholic Christians and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our parishes continually strive to become more dynamic communities of faith, where adult members are immersed in lifelong catechesis and are convinced of the mission in building up the Kingdom of God. Adult Faith Formation is not a program; it is a process, an approach, a philosophy which evolves as the needs of our people evolve. The office of Faith Formation is to affirm the priority of adult catechesis and to provide leadership, worship, personnel, services, and resources to assist parishes in developing adult faith formation processes. The office is enthusiastically committed to an ongoing, dynamic vision of Adult Faith Formation as well as a supporting parish efforts to implement the mandates of our 2nd Diocesan Synod.


  • That the call to place adult faith formation at the center of the Church’s catechetical mission involves a necessary conversion and a paradigm shift from past priorities and commitments
  • The central importance of the family in our adult faith formation efforts
  • The connection between adult catechesis and the daily challenge to Catholics to engage in the advance of the mission of the Church
  • To continue to support parishes as they strive to foster an environment which allows for adult faith formation to flourish


The RCIA is primarily intended for those who are unbaptized and with no or very little history with a church, and who prepare to receive the sacraments of initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.

The RCIA is the inspiration and the structure of how a community ministers to someone who sets out on the path to adult initiation (and children of catechetical age) in the Catholic Church. This is a process of discovery and self-reflection, in which you explore the meaning of Christ in your life, and how that works with the Catholic Faith.

It is not to be so much an educational process, but one of transformation. There are four major periods in the initiation process, separated by various liturgical rituals, which express and celebrate what is occurring at each stage in the process. Click the button below for more detailed information.

40th Annual Diocesan Conference

The Eucharist

January 6-7, 2023

Nugget Casino Resort, Sparks NV.

The Eucharist: Source and Summit of Life La Eucaristia: Fuente y Cumbre de la Vida

Attend the 40th Annual Diocesan Conference and celebrate your faith as a Catholic! Since 1983 the Diocese of Reno has held an Annual Diocesan Conference offering rich Catholic content to support our faith journey and to strengthen our experience of community. Five of our Bishops, past and present, have endorsed and utilized this event as a warm and enriching gathering for the spiritual life and growth of our people. National speakers are invited to share on all themes. Topics range from prayer and spirituality, liturgy and worship, focus on parish leadership and interfaith issues, to deep questions of current events impacting Catholics in relevant ethical dialogues. Young adult sessions as well as a teen event partner with the Conference each year. This is an event which gathers us together as the Body of Christ!