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Employment and Volunteering Opportunities


The Facilities Maintenance Manager is to perform general school facilities maintenance during the school day, which includes inside and outside duties

Some of the duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Exterior grounds cleaning
  • Lawn maintenance, including fertilizing, cutting, etc.
  • Landscape maintenance, including tree trimming
  • Seasonal work, including snow removal, leaves removal, and irrigation maintenance
  • Maintenance of all equipment
  • Preventative maintenance on HVAC systems
  • Ensure safety standards are met
  • Light duty repair work (inside and outside)
  • Heavy summer maintenance and intensive cleaning
  • Lunch setup and cleanup (daily)
  • As needed, trash removal during the school day
  • Routine maintenance of trash
  • Other duties as assigned by the Principal


The position will pay $22.50 per hour, 40 hours per week, eligible for pension and health benefits

The position will begin on August 13th, 2024

Job Title: Parish Business Administrator
Location: Parish
FSLA: Full-Time Exempt
Reports to: Pastor / Priest Administrator
Salary, Compensation, and Benefits: Health Insurance, Lay Pension, 403B, and others

The Business Administrator serves as a staff resource in support of the pastor/priest administrator,
fulfilling parish administrative needs in finance, buildings and grounds, and personnel. Direct
responsibility for the administration of personnel policies and procedures, human resource
management, and the financial management of the parish. Applies the professional skills and
knowledge of specialized fields to perform work without specific directions using considerable
judgment. Collaborates with and advises the pastor/priest administrator.

• Uses established protocol to perform financial operations of parish, child development center,
and their sub-accounts for St. Albert the Great Parish.
• Review financial operating procedures to ensure compliance with standard internal control
practices and diocesan policies.
• Assists with budgeting, bookkeeping, and financial software applications.
• Prepares and reports on the financial status of the parish community and assists in
implementing the recommendations.
• Collaborate with School Principal and Childcare Development Center
• Works independently to execute parish financial operations and reports to the Pastor/Priest
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and diocesan
• Attends parish and diocesan meetings and training.
• Create and verify for accuracy annual parish financial reports and input the data into the
parish annual financial report databases.

• Participates in hiring, training, and supervision of the parish staff and volunteers.
• Administers employee benefits including insurance coverage, retirement plan, scheduling,
and payroll functions in accordance with the Diocesan policies.

• Administers parish business operations at the direction of the pastor/priest administrator and
consistent with the parish mission.

• Maintains confidentially in all areas of responsibilities as required.
• Supervises the maintenance staff and manages major repairs or new construction.
• Negotiates contracts with suppliers and construction firms. Coordinates efforts with the
Building and Grounds Committee.
• Schedules use of parish facilities and ensures all liability and maintenance needs are
• Prepares, administers, and communicates parish security policy.

Three years of experience in the maintenance of financial records. Able to demonstrate
managerial or professional experience in accounting or business financial management.

Competent bookkeeping, computer, and organizational skills; ability to meet deadlines,
maintain confidentiality, and perform all essential functions. Knowledge of the Church’s
mission in the Diocese of Reno; general accounting methods and practices, including general
ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, taxation, and personnel record keeping.
Ability to work with the pastor/priest administrator, other diocesan administrators, and staff.
Work as a team member; manage financial systems, post data with accuracy, prepare financial
reports, keep files current, and maintain adequate inventory of office supplies.

Please send your resume to Fr. David Micheal, HGN at


Little Flower School community provides children a Catholic education rooted in high academic expectations, leadership, and service opportunities in a faith-filled environment.


Job Description: We are looking for a Grant Writer to join our team and lead our efforts in securing funding to help our organization operate throughout the year. 


The Grant Writer’s responsibilities include researching grant opportunities, writing compelling grant proposals to acquire funding, and working with our leadership team to ensure we have enough capital each year.  Ultimately, you will work with our leadership team to understand our financial needs and ensure we attain funding.


  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, or related field.
    • 3-5 years of grant writing or fundraising experience with proven track record to secure grants
    • Strong written communication and project management skills.
    • Knowledge of fundraising information sources and experience with fundraising techniques and strategies.
  • Job Duties:
    • Identify and research potential grant opportunities for LFS or in partnership with other catholic schools in the region.
    • Write, edit, and submit high-quality grant proposals to meet LFS fundraising/grant goals.
    • Follow up on the progress of submitted grants, track, monitor and report quarterly ogress to LFS Board
    • Collaborate with different departments (principal and Fr. Paul) to compile financials and data.
    • Lead and manage major fundraising efforts throughout the school year.

Little Flower School community provides children a Catholic education rooted in high academic expectations, leadership, and service opportunities in a faith-filled environment.



  • Ability to manage your time efficiently.
  • Work well when supervisors are not present.
  • Ability to lift at least 25 pounds.
  • Handle basic maintenance, building repairs, cleaning and other janitorial work during the school day.
  • Able to work safely with a variety of cleaning supplies.
  • High school diploma.
  • Able to use basic cleaning equipment. 


Little Flower Catholic School Cleaning Guidelines

  1. Classrooms
    1. Clean door and around light switches
    2. Dust all surfaces.
    3. Clean desktops and then white boards
    4. Clean sinks, remove any rings and clean and refill all dispensers.
    5. Empty trash
    6. Vacuum
  2. Restrooms
    1. Clean walls and partitions (wipe down and remove graffiti)
    2. Clean and re-move rings from toilets and urinals
    3. Scour and clean all sinks and fixtures.
    4. Clean and refill all dispensers.
    5. Mop daily.
  3. Office
    1. Clean door and around light switches
    2. Dust all surfaces.
    3. Clean door and around light switches
    4. Wipe down sick room.
    5. Empty trash
    6. Vacuum
  4. Faulty Lounges
    1. Clean door and around light switches
    2. Dust all surfaces.
    3. Clean door and around light switches
    4. Clean sick room
    5. Empty trash
    6. Vacuum
  5. Hallways
    1. Spot clean walls as needed.
    2. Clean drinking fountains
    3. Vacuum
    4. Make notes for future repairs



  • This is an hourly position, 4 hours a day 5 days a week for 39 weeks.
  • This position will not qualify for insurance. 
  • This position will qualify for pension.  


Workday:  3:30-7:30pm


Contact: Annie Di Loreto, or 775-323-2931


Job Summary: The Art Teacher will be responsible for developing in each student an interest in and the ability for creative expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of artistic expression consistent with school guidelines; to develop aesthetic understandings and appreciations; to discover and develop talents of students in the field of art.


Job Summary: The Art Teacher will be responsible for developing in each student an interest in and the ability for creative expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of artistic expression consistent with school guidelines; to develop aesthetic understandings and appreciations; to discover and develop talents of students in the field of art.


General classroom Protocol

  1. Overall Atmosphere
    1. Welcoming
    2. Positive
    3. Professional
    4. Well organized
  2. Students learning
    1. Students are engaged and challenged. 
    2. Learning environment is based around faith, knowledge, and compassion. 
    3. Positive Behavioral Support systems are in place.
    4. Parents are continually informed of their son/daughter(s) progress. 


Our classrooms are often the first impression people have of our school.  The classrooms should be welcoming.   The classroom is a positive place where a student can come to work toward specific goals set before them in the class objectives. The teacher is to be positive, organized, outgoing, confident, collaborative and compassionate. The classrooms should be clean and  free from clutter.  It should be visually pleasing and in essence demonstrate who we are – a Catholic, family-oriented school. 



  • Current and valid Nevada teaching certification
  • Thorough knowledge of teaching best practices and legal educational guidelines partnered with a willingness to follow the school’s policies and procedures.
  • Strong moral values and discipline
  • Knowledge of CPR
  • Ability to maintain a positive culture within the classroom.
  • Ability to communicate accolades and concern to parents and students in an effective, professional and collaborative model.
  • Ability to recognize student strengths and differentiate the learning opportunities in order to build on individual student success.
  • Complete all Vitrus ( Protecting God’s Children) classes and modules in a timely manner. 
  • Parsticipate in the requires diocese program in order to become “catechesis certified”. 
  • Become familiar with  the Faculty and Student Handbook 


Job Expectations

  1. Develop a learning environment with clear goals and expectations. 
  2. Strive to teach Catholic values by personal example as well as by explicit instruction.  
  3. Teach and act consistently in accordance with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and the philosophy of the school as well as Diocesan policies and regulations.  
  4. Create standards based weekly/daily lesson plans in PlanBook that are engaging and exciting for the kids, encouraging them to want to come to school.
  5. Use grade level standards to best deliver content while using  whole group, small group and independent practice depending on the student(s) learning needs.  
  6. Offer praise and encouragement to students when they do well and when they are struggling; teaching them that they have the power to do well in school no matter what.
  7. Teach knowledge and skills in art, including drawing, painting, lettering, and art history
  8. Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about art
  9. Demonstrate techniques in activities such as drawing and painting
  10. Provide individual and small-group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students with varying intellectual and artistic abilities, and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities
  11. Instruct students in proper care and use of tools and equipment
  12. Organize storage areas and control use of materials, equipment and tools to prevent loss or abuse, and to minimize time required for distribution and collection
  13. Evaluate each student’s performance and growth in knowledge and aesthetic understandings, and prepare progress reports
  14. Select and requisition instructional materials, tools, instructional aids, and maintain required inventory records
  15. Plan and present art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit students’ work for the school and the community
  16. Maintain professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the school and/or in self-selected professional growth activities
  17. Communicate with parents on pupil progress
  18. Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs, such as after school art club
  19.  Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Administration
  20. Participation in PLC – be an active member of the group and adhere to norms set within your PLC.



  • This is an hourly position, 14 hours per week for 36 weeks.  Instruction will occure for 45 minutes per class, kinder through 8th grade.  There is about 3 hours of prep time built in. 
  • This position will not qualify for insurance. 
  • This position will not qualify for pension.  

PARISH: Saint Albert the Great Parish
POSITION: Director of Catholic Religious Education
FSLA CATEGORY: Full-time Exempt
SUPERVISOR: Pastor of the parish
BENEFITS: Health Insurance, Lay Pension, 403B – Tax Sheltered Annuity and others

Job Summary: At Saint Albert the Great Church, the Director of Catholic Religious Education
administrates (designs, develops, directs, and evaluates) a family-based catechetical program and provides
leadership to assist the parish and school community in building a solid foundation for family spirituality,
Christian living, ministry, outreach and sacramental preparation (First Reconciliation/First Eucharist,
Confirmation and the Children’s Catechumenate). In addition, it governs our high school Youth Ministry
program, with the eventual goal of adding a middle school Youth program.
Essential Functions:
• Designs family-based catechetical formation and sacramental preparation programs, which
support lifelong learning and growing in the practice of the faith.
• Maintains family-based catechetical formation and sacramental programs, which meet the needs
of various segments of the parish including the Catholic students at our parish school under the
guidance of the pastor and/or parochial vicar.
• Responsible for the recruitment, training, supervision, and evaluation of catechetical/sacramental
formation and youth ministry volunteers.
• Integrates insights from current catechetical literature into program planning.
• Develop goals, objectives, and strategies for the family-based catechetical formation and
sacramental preparation program(s) and high school (and eventually middle school) Youth
Ministry program(s).
• Schedules and adjusts all programs’ components (space, time, materials, etc.) as needed.
• Submits weekly schedules of catechetical formation, sacramental preparation, and youth ministry
activities for inclusion in the Master Calendar.
• Maintains relationships with the pastor, parochial vicar, other parish staff members, school staff,
directors of parish ministries, and the Diocesan Office of Religious Education
• Communicates with participants, parents, parish, and school-at-large to keep them informed of
family catechetical formation, sacramental preparation, and youth ministry efforts.
• Works within the budget allocated for the operation of the various programs.

• Responsible for coordination of special liturgical/sacramental celebrations for both the parish and
the school including First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation as well as participating
with the RCIA program with the inclusion of the families in the Children’s Catechumenate.
• Conducts program evaluation at all levels, collates evaluation information, and advises the pastor
regarding appropriate groups.
• Responsible for all other duties as assigned.


Education: College Degree or equivalent.
Experience: At Saint Albert the Great Church the Director of Catholic Religious Education is
encouraged to have one or more of the following:
• BA/BS in Theology/Religious Education or a related field
• BA/BS in Catechetics and Scripture.
• BA/BS in an unrelated field or no college degree with twenty-four (24) semester credits in
Theology and Catechetics and six (6) credits or 60 hours of in-service in the following areas:
administration, educational methods, supervision, catechetics.
• The Director of Catholic Religious Education is expected to have a minimum of three years of
teaching experience in a Catholic school or equivalent, experience in faith-based, relational
ministry with teens, and one year of administrative experience (paid or volunteer).
Skills/Knowledge: The Religious Education/Youth Ministry Director is expected to have capabilities in:
• Theology
• Program Coordination
• Coordination of Catechist Development
• Communication and Relationship
• Administration
• Pastoral Ministry and Teen Faith-Based
• Bilingual is preferred

Working Environment:
This position entails evenings or weekends and a flexible work schedule year-round.


For more information visit our website: or send your resume and letter of interest to Diane Lacebal at

More Info Here:


All interested persons must complete an application.  Employment will be contingent upon an applicant successfully passing a background check and completing the Safe Environment requirements.

Applications and necessary documents maybe downloaded from here:


  • The mission of the Diocese survives and thrives through its many volunteers.  We welcome all who wish to volunteer.  So that a Safe Environment is maintained, all volunteers who have regular access to children and vulnerable adults must submit an application, have a background check and fulfill the Protecting God’s Children requirements.

    Those necessary documents are:

Diocese of Reno Employee Resources