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Reno Diocese Youth at Steubenville June 23-25, 2023

Reno Diocese youth attended Steubenville at the Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH in June and shared some of their most important memories and experiences. Thank you to St. Rose of Lima for sharing! Learn more about this conference below.

  • “I liked turning up with my Catholic brothers and sisters and dancing in the street.” 
  • “It is absolutely amazing what God can turn around in a single moment. I carried so much pain and regret to this conference and God replaced it with an equal level of joy in a single moment, in a way I though was impossible!”
  • “My favorite part of Steubenville 2023 was exploring the campus, having inspiring Masses, and an encounter with God during adoration.”
  • “Being in Adoration with all my brothers as we sand and worshipped the Lord’s name. (Apparently it was like two hours, but it felt like fifteen minutes).”
  • “My favorite memory from Steubenville was the amazing Adoration and singing worship songs!”
  • “My favorite memory was going into the mosh pit. I also loved the music during the Mass and Adoration.”
  • “Adoration with everybody, seeing everyone’s growth in their faith is a heartwarming event.”
  • “During Adoration, I was filled with so much joy and stood there with my hand on my friend’s shoulder just saying, “thank you, Jesus!””
  • “My favorite part about Steubenville was the Mass because everyone was participating and singing. I also enjoyed hanging out with my friends all day 😊
  • “Faith sharing in the dorm rooms.”
  • “Adoration was pretty awesome and so was the mosh pit.”
  • “This Steubenville, I got to meet new people and I also had a growth in the relationships I already had. Every Steubenville I grow in my faith and after every Steubenville I get more excited till the next.”
  • “Being around friends and making new ones that have the same values and faith as my own.”
  • “My favorite memory of Steubenville was playing games and hanging out with my friends.”
  • “I really enjoyed Adoration. I don’t really remember much of what happened, but I remember how I felt and how my friends were reacting. The Adoration was emotional and very spiritual.”
  • “My Steubenville memory is Confession. I thought I gave a good Confession and the Priest’s advice to me was really good. I like the penance he gave me.”
  • “Adoration lets me connect and talk to Jesus in an amazing way. The Holy Spirit came to me and I felt so close to God, it was beautiful.”
  • “Praying with my brothers during the boys’ talk was so comforting and peaceful.”
  • “Some of the memories I have: dancing with friends, sleeping together in the dorms, laughing, praying and eating together, getting closer to God through Adoration.”