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Diocese of Reno

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WE COLLECTED $179,111.23


I want to express my sincere gratitude for your donation to our inaugural “ONE CHURCH” Christmas Second Collection. I am very touched by your support. The generosity of your donation fills me with great joy.

Through this collection, we will be able to complete the St. Peter Canisius Church addition and renovation with minimal debt incurred to the parish. Indeed, you revealed the true foundation of this diocese is kindness and love. Our generosity to one another demonstrates that we are a family of faith. Your donation truly made a difference, and for this, I am extremely grateful!


With every best wish and an assurance of prayer, I remain,


Yours in Christ,


Most Rev. Daniel H. Mueggenborg



Other Ways to Donate

You can still donate by:

  • Making a distribution from your IRA account through late March
  • Charitable Foundation and Donor Advised Fund Gifts
  • Stocks


The Diocese of Reno TAX ID (EIN) is 88-0338219 or you can contact Richard Todd directly at – 775-326-9417.

"One day you will become a priest, and you will build a church in Sun Valley.”
- Prophetic words spoken to Edgar Villanueva
25 years ago at the age of 19 -
Father Edgar Villanueva
Pastor of St. Peter Canisius

The History of St. Peter Canisius

In the 1950s on land in Sun Valley donated by Mr. Gepford, construction of a church was begun. It was named to honor Peter Coressal whose family and relatives from Ohio assisted greatly in building St. Peter. By 1972 a priest, Fr. Vincent Squatrito, was assigned to the parish on a regular basis. A small mobile home was purchased to serve as his living quarters and the parish office.


The parish continued to grow with both English and Hispanic parishioners. Fr. Squatrito brought the Madrecitas (Spanish-speaking Sisters) and the Sacred Heart Sisters to help with the religious education of children. In the 1980s more space was needed for the growing community and Father helped the parishioners build and dedicate the parish hall, currently used as the “big Church” With the departure of this devoted pastor in the late 1980s, the Madrecitas also left in 1996.


Father Larry Morrison was the Administrator/Pastor from 1996 to 2004. Under his direction, the parish offered three Masses on Sundays, two of them in Spanish. The “big Church” was re-carpeted in 1996 and new chairs were purchased in 1998.


In 2004, Father Guillermo Arias was appointed Parish Administrator. Father Guillermo retired in 2016. Immediately after, Father Edgar Villanueva was appointed Pastor of St. Peter’s. Since then, he has worked very hard hand-in-hand with the parishioners to raise the funds to increase the much-needed church space, so parishioners don’t have to worship in the dirt parking lot outside the church. At the present time, St. Peter’s serves more than 2,500 parishioners each Sunday, of which 98% are Hispanic. Their current worship space occupancy is less than 300 people. In addition to their need for increased worship space, the church expansion project will not only provide a safe and modern structure but most importantly, it will provide more areas for children’s religious instruction and sacramental preparation.


St. Peter’s currently has 875 students between the ages of 7 and 17 enrolled in faith formation classes… and at the present time, they only have 2 classrooms for instruction. With this addition, the worship space will increase to a capacity of 800 people.

"We are not only promising to build a church,
we are promising to be debt free when it is complete."
Tom Dolan, Dolan Auto Group
St. Peter Canisius Benefactor
and Project Lead

The Road To a New Church

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